Jan Drake Bakke

‚Äč  Psychic/Medium

I will love to share intuitive, psychic and mediumship messages to others.  This is a blessed journey for me to help others in anyway I can.  Inspired by God, angels, fairys and heavenly hosts.  I follow Christianity and also blend and bridge other philosophies with it.  As there are many rooms in God's divine mansion.

We Find Our Way

"We Find Our Way"

We find our way

  Try not to judge anyone in the day

  Be grateful for what we have in life

  Not to belittle or make fun of another's strife

  It's only a long minute here for us on earth

  Then gone like a flash

  We will be ascending into a rebirth

 The differences between us are there but we feel a lot of the same things

  For some not all is fair, however; it's what life brings

  Cherish all or any of it when you can

  To celebrate even when we are ill

 That is a nice plan!!


    Jan Drake Bakke