Type "paragraph here.

​​​​​  3-1-2016---"​I was fortunate to have a reading with the lovely Jan Drake Bakke over the weekend. I wanted to show how she helped me. A situation had come up that was causing me great unhappiness.  I was confused at what to do and my life seemed at a standstill.  I meditated and sought inner guidance from my inner being/guides but realized I needed help hearing them.  Jan agreed to help me and began meditating on me right away.  By the time we talked she had already been shown the situation-who it involved, what it involved, she felt my pain.  We spoke that day and again the next day.  With the guidance, I was able to more clearly understand the situation and resolve it in a loving way, which was what was important to me.  The situation required a compromise  which I realized was important to my growth.  I realized that the problem had ancestral roots, that was intended for me to work out the rest of it here in this life. Jan spoke to me about my spirit animals,  my connection to nature, my spiritual strengths. She helped me learn to TRUST in other and in myself, to discover the value of my feelings, how to be true to myself while still being loving and kind to those I care about.  Jan Drake Bakke was SPOT ON about things in my life and offered guidance in my future. She was kind and sincere in her interest in helping. I am very grateful to her."

   Caroline McLemore


​10-13-2015---"I had a great animal totem reading--(plus) with Jan Drake Bakke today.  She nailed it. She was spot on with everything she read and I got lots of encouragement for the healer path I am on. I recommend her."

Kathy Dench--Colorado

10-9-2015---"I would like to say that Jan is a very special person to me as she has taught me what my animal totems are. As I have never even heard of them in the past. She has told me several of them over time and one being the Unicorn in which is my favorite and I even nicknamed him.  He is magical and gives me faith in life despite some hardships we all have.  Also the butterfly that has similar qualities.  All in all I also have the lion that gives me strength when needed. My lion has come to through to me in a dream in which I knew I then had to be aware of my surroundings.  What a good warning that was! Anyhow, they come to me frequently now by in site or by pictures or like my dream. One day I hope to see Uni as I know then my dream will be coming through.  As beautiful and magical--just as my friend Jan, always caring, loving and understanding.  Never judgemental and with a sense of humor. I suggest Jan for other things too as visualizations and investigations.  She is very good also."

Thank you Jan---Annette Stevens--New York

​10-19-2015----"Thanks to Jan Drake Bakke for the wonderful session today and thanks to Channeling Erik Mediums for recommending this beautiful woman!"

Jessika Graff---Alabama

5-22-2015---"I came to Jan with some questions regarding school and stuff about my friends.  She told me I will be receiving a passing score the following month and to be cautious about my friend from school.  I was shocked by her predictions because I didn't think that any of this could come true.  I was having trouble learning the material in school, so my professors have advised me not to take the exam this year.  Plus, I have known my friend for ages so I trust him more than anything in the world.  I decided to take Jan's advice and take the exam anyways, then the following month later.   I received a passing score.  Later on, I found out that my friend from school was spreading malicious rumors about me. I was surprised by how accurately she predicted this event.  I have never in my life met a psychic this accurate and this skillful, and I do look forward to using her services again." 

God bless, Hilda Wong from California

​2015---"Jan Drake Bakke is a professional Certified Psychic and Intuitive Reader using her skills to seek the answers that each of us are seeking.  She is gifted and offers her insights on a level that you will find amazing.  I highly recommend getting a reading from Jan!"

Thanks, Lori C from Ohio

​10-16-2015--"-She told me about my own abilities and how to develop them. She also told me that all of the fighting we were putting up with will pay off in the long run, which is great news for us.  Then we talked about one of my guides, who came through as Colin Firth, someone who is very much on this side, but that was probably due to this huge crush to Mr. Darcy from "Pride and Prejudice". She said: "He touched your heart when you were very young. You were mesmerized by him!" Which is true and something she could not have known. Only one friend of mine knows about this... It was fantastic to have the validation. To know it had never been just an illusion. That it is all real and not simply too good to be true. I am a lucky girl and I am lucky enough  to find Jan. Thank you very much for everything. You are great!"  

Beltrami Gottmer from the Netherlands

4-23-2016---"I got an animal totem reading from Jan because it sounded like fun but it turned into what I can only call a miracle. In 2007, I had a spiritual awakening and have since been looking for a medium who could help explain what happened to me or at least tell me if my interpretation was correct. I even asked Erik about this but he didn't want to answer me for some reason. But out of the blue Jan picked up something unusual during this animal totem reading and it blew up into the reading I had been looking for for almost ten years. I initially got an animal totem reading but then got a 30 minute reading because of what was coming through and Jan had done overtime and it didn't seem fair. This was so much more than a  $5 dollar reading! Erik was there too. Jan was able to answer all the questions I had about my experience.  She went over time for both readings as this was a very special reading to me.  I couldn't believe who came through in the readings.  I still can't believe this reading is real.  Thank you so much Jan! I absolutely recommend her especially if you want to communicate with deceased animals.  This was just an animal totem reading.  I didn't have questions prepared so "No cold" reading was possible."

 Jean from New Jersey

5-4-2016---"Find out your animal totem reading and other things with her reading.  She picked up on every animal I LOVE and have OWNED and what I have been previous......"

 Monique Bechard from Ontario

5-5-2016---"I recently received an Animal Totem reading from Jan Drake Bakke and it was extremely interesting. Every animal on my totem has a trait that matches me perfectly! :) She also saw the colors turquoise, blue, green and aqua.  Below is a picture of my aura taken recently using a Biopulsar Reflexograph  So ya, she nailed it!  Thank you!"

 Crimson Reaper/ Jamie Bechard from Ontario

5- 2016---"I would like to thank Jan for her two wonderful readings she has done for me. This woman is truly spiritually gifted as there were things she could have not possibly known. They have helped with me with issues I am facing and given me spiritual guidance as how to handle them. I am very grateful and highly recommend  her for a remarkable spiritual experience.  Thanks again Jan...."

  Nancy DeMarco from Tulsa, Oklahoma

5-9-2016--"Wanted to say a BIG Thank you to Jan Drake Bakke for THE MOST AWESOME reading!  I don't even know where to start there was so much!  LOL! Love the way she connects to animals and animal totems and then sends this detailed email explaining what your animal totems mean.  It was all such a blessing! She was so right on with everything!  I loved the whole session BUT the biggest surprise came when Sylvia Browne actually spoke to her and said out loud that I have 5 angels with me! Jan did not know that Sylvia's books saved my life and put me on my spiritual path.  At that point, the tears started.  LOL! But in a good way.  of course where would we be without the Super Bomb Erik! Who thinks I'm also the Bomb! Ha! So, everybody thinking about a reading, get with Jan Drake Bakke. She has a beautiful gift". 

Shelley Wilson Wulff from Missouri  

5-22-2016---"Hello! Wanted to say I've had two wonderful sessions a week or two ago and wanted to say how wonderful they both were for me. First one was Jan Drake Bakke.  I found out a lot of things to help me stay happy and focused on day to day life and so on.   I loved every single minute of the reading and will ABSOLUTELY do another one. Thank you for everything Jan."

Sheila Porreca  from North Dakota

6-12-2016---"I have benefited greatly from the CE Channeling Erik Mediums. The most recent reading is from Jan Drake Bakke. She spent a great deal of time and very patiently listened to my questions. Although I do not know her personally I felt like I have known her for quite awhile and felt comfortable during the entire process (partly we discovered that we share the same birthday.)  Yes, she was spot on with all of the information shared and channeled.  A lot of it was a confirmation/validation but that is what I needed. And then she offers additional insights.  Thank you Jan!"

 Gwen Towery Yarbrough from Texas  

8-26-2016----"I have been thinking about it daily.  We are led to believe when we die we are gone.  That is so far from the truth.  We are all connected.  We just have to open our minds and hearts.  Thank you for sharing your gift."

  Yvette Rodriquez from New York  

9-1-2016---"Hello everyone!  I had a wonderful first reading last week with Jan DRake Bakke.  I didn't know what to expect at first but I feel that I am on the right path to spiritual realization.  I have a long road ahead of me but with the awareness of my guides and angels.  I have the tools to succeed.  I knew nothing of animal totems before my reading but I am grateful to know that I have more than a few with me--even a unicorn!  After my reading with Jan I was absolutely exhausted but the very next day I knew to get started meditating.  Through Jan I found out that I have the healing abilities and could be a spiritual leader.  These seem "right" to me and not at all off the wall for some reason.  Currently I'm trying to connect with my guides as well as talking to the angels and spirits around me.  In the future I hope to start taking Reiki classes.  I realize this is in the DISTANT future as I have a ways to go in raising my frequency.  A big THANK YOU to Jan Drake Bakke for giving me the oportunity to change my life.  I could keep writing about this session on and on but it was so personal that I don't feel willing to share more."

 Megan Grall Wolfe from Monteray, California  

11-8-2016---"I am a client of Jan Drake Bakke and I would like to leave the following testimony.  Jan gives 100% ofherself in every reading.  Incredibly accurate with lots of compassion.  A genuine soul and a blessing to this earth.  The piece of mind she gave me in knowing that our daughter was doing great on the other side was priceless!  The kindest spirit I have ever met!"

Bonnie Kanaski--(This testimony was shared for the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums vote for 2017.)

11-8-2017---"Jan Drake Bakke readings are exceptional.  They are positive and full of much needed information to help guide me and stand confident with my gut feeling and just confirms certain feelings but also helps open my mind to understand what else my future has in store for me as well, as believe in myself.  She takes her time to answer questions accurately as her intuition is on point.  Big thank you to Jan for being a positive loving and caring psychic." 

Juliet--(This testimony was  shared for the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums vote for 2017.)

11-8-2016---"I want to give a testimonial for Jan Drake Bakke.  She helped me before I began on this hourney.  I connected with Jan in 2013. I had no idea that I would be following in her footsteps and helping people in this way.  She had given me a totem reading that changed my life forever!  Jan calls me an angel.  She was my angel before I was hers.  She is a blessing to the world and her love shines through in all she does. her totem readings are unbelievable.  She not only sees animals, she also communicates with the. Her gifts, guidance and compassionate ways are beyond words.  She is always helping others.  When you don't see her online, she's chaneling or doing psychic detective work--working on crime cases and missing persons. Jan truly is making a difference. I feel that she sometimes doesn't get the credit she deserves.  I hope by writing this, it will bring to light one of the most amazing women I have the honor of knowing. I want to thank my beautiful poetic and intuitive soul sister Jan Drake Bakke for helping me and so many others.  You have been an inspiration since the first day we connected. Jan, thank you for being in my life." 

DC Love---(This testimony was shared for the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums vote for 2017.)

11-8-2017---"I would like to give a testimony for my wife, Jan Drake Bakke because i believe she has the psychic gifts that enable her to do the work she does.  She spends hours upon hours every day on her writing, working on her clients and crime cases."

Sincerely, Steve O. Bakke--Las Vegas(This testimony was shared for the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums vote for 2017.)

11-17-2016--"I would very humbly like to recommend Jan Drake Bakke as a Medium to anyone who is having any type of problem physical or emotional on this page to please take part in looking her up.  Jan is the type of person who has great tenacity in her personality and much integrity and will see a job through without giving up on the person!  She has a slightly different way of looking at a problem and that brings depth to it in my opinion than others that I have seen for help! Jan has stuck with me on a personal level for help over a situation that was very hard to deal with and she made me see where the root of the problem was actually coming from which in itself lead to the cruxes of pain in my back.  I know that Jan would welcome each and everyone of you and she just recently received a very high score on all of her many excellent points as a Medium.  Yeah to her!  She worked very hard to earn this!  Please do see her for yourself and you will be pleased!" 

 Thank you, Jan Armstrong from Guam, USA

 12-1-2016--"THANK YOU for the incredible, wonderful, spot on, indescribably incredible reading!!  I am still just blown away!!  I'm excited to make the changes you suggested.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

Sarah Allegra Ashely(Courtney)

12-6-2016---"I had the most AMAZING session with Jan Drake Bakke a couple days ago and I wanted to tell you all how wonderful it was!!  Firstly, her prices are EXTREMELY reasonable!! As someone with a currently limited income, I really appreciated that.  But don't think that by not paying an arm and a leg you're not going to get a quality reading. Oh no! She is worth far, far, FAR more than she charges! 

I had questions about my health, my career and lots of specific questions about my dog(who is honestly more like a daughter to me than a "pet.")  Who had just had surgery.  Jan was able to provide very specific advice and details about each and every subject, more than I was even expecting.  For example, she saw a white cat near my dog many times and she is a cat.  I burst out laighing because I've said so many times that my dog is much more like a very friendly cat than a dog.  And ironically, my two cats are more likemellow dogs, lol.  My dog wasn't eating much as she was recovering from her surgery (and she's had a couple teeth pulled so I knew her mouth was really painful.)  Jan saw a fish near her but understood that this was a suggestion to try feeding her fish.  As it just happened I was making some fish for my husband's dinner that night and we offered her some of it and she ate it all!!  It was the first solid thing she'd had in two days and it was such a relief to me!!  I'm not sure I would have thought to try it on my own, and I'm so grateful to Jan for helping me and my sweet girl!!

Jan had very encouraging things to say about my health and career which I'm certain will come true from how incredibly accurate she was about every single thing in my reading!  She gave me specific suggestions of things to do in both areas which I feel am absolutely going to do!  I feel 100% sure she was truly tapping into source, her guides and my guides.  And the information was not only true but for my highest good.

She also has very strong clair senses and will see, feel, and hear things.  For example, she physically felt the chronic pain I live with (sorry about that Jan,lol)  She described my distinctive looking dog to a T without having seen her at all, and she saw an angel, unicorn, and pegasus around me just while we were chatting on the phone before the reading actually started officially.  I have angel, unicorns and pegasus guides who I interact with frequently, but I'd never mentioned this to her, so that really was a wonderful validation for me! 

I would give Jan a million stars out of 10! LOL!! She is incredible! Not only so very, very accurate, but extremely loving, compassionate, easy to talk to, non-judgemental and just the most beautiful person!! After talking with her, you feel like you want to invite her over for tea, you just immediately feel at ease and trusting in her presence. I know it can be hard to fins a great medium who you really connect with personally, so I would strongly encourage you all to try Jan if you haven't already! She is worth every cent and more! I will absolutely be going back to her in the future! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

 Sarah Allegra Ashley

2-9-2017 ---Yes perfect. It was one of the most detailed and helpful readings I've had.

​Adrienne Fox from Queens, New York City, New York


4-13-2017---I'm going to be 64 in a few weeks and ever since I was 8 or 9 I've known that I lived before. As a child I had dreams of previous lives, but given the prevailing sentiments of the era i was raised in, I intelligently kept my mouth shit.  In those days believing in such things would condemn you to burning in Hell for eternity.

 I never had a psychic reading before.  Even after I got to know some psychics I chose not to because I didn't want to find out that I had been some Nazi SS officer or other.   I also think it is more important to focus on this life.  Live in the now rather than cataloging old past lives. However, I recently decided that the time was right for me to see what was out there floating around the cosmos that I should know about.  

I chose Jan Drake Bakke  because I like her personally and she had an opening suddenly appear.  I didn't have nay reason other than to see if I could figure out why the hell I'm still even on thisplanet.  It was a remarkable experience.  jan managed, independently to confirm an amazing number of things that I had intrusted over the years.  And as well she showed me that I AM on the right track and have been beating myself up over things that no longer matter.

Among other things Jan more or less confirmed that I did die as a calvaryman in the Civil War.  She was unaware of that dream at the time.  She also saw a large number of dolphins.  She didn't know that I had been a hard hat diver. I may belong to some sort of dolphin soul group...or not.  Maybe I just have a lot of friends that are dolphins.  (I'm still not going to eat sushi.  I don't do raw fish!) :)

I hadn't given jan much information to go on.  However, talking with her was like going to visit a friend with half of a puzzle and discovering that yoru friend has most of the other half of the puzzle already.  99% of what Jan told me seems to be dead on.  Actually more than 99% if that is possible.

It was a remarkably positive and revealing experience for me.  It seems as if my soldier days are gone for good and that contract is done, finished, over.  And about time too!  If I was in the SS it didn't  showup. LOL!  I've been beating myself up for a number of reasons and I now realize how unnecessary that is.

Erik chimed in apparently.  Why not, I smoke dope and can cuss like an old trooper because well...because I am an old trooper. However, I do all things in moderation. :)It's nice to know he drops in from time to time and I will accept whatever help I can get that is freely given.  Thanks Dude!  That was righteous of you!

Jan said that she was getting a very strong impression that I should be writing a book or something. She didn't know that I belonged to the Dramatists' Guild or that I'm over 300 pages into a book already.

She also verified a stroing Karmic attachment to a woman I love dearly but passed on years ago.  She's still around too!  That knowledge done was worth ten times what I paid Jan.

This is just scatching the surface too.  Jan is good. Very good.  And gracious lady that she is, she recommended that I get in touch with several other mediums who have abilities in different areas than she does.  Several of you, I hope, are reading this.  

I'm sure now that this is only the first reading and not the last for me.  It was a tremendously uplifting.  I can't emphasize that enough.  If you can't get Jan to help, get someone else.  it is a remarkable experience and it has made me feel better than anything I've done in years.  Thank you all for reading this and being here in this group, and thank you Jan Drake Bakke.

 Bruce Bradley from Texas

5-22-2017--Thank you SO much again for sending me your messages.  You are truly a gifted soul.  Wishing you a wonderful and blessed 2017.

​Jana from Oregon

6-28--2017--Wow Jan, I have to tell you that you are not only a #4th recommended in the publisher Maximillien de Lafayette's American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums Guide, you are also the fastest psychic on the block! I needed spiritual help with a very confusing situation at work and was unsure whether I should stay or go.  The reading you did for me yesterday was absolutely amazing.  You pinpointed the causes of the problems and helped me understand that it would be resolved and with  trust and patience as you predicted everything was completely reversed the next day.  There was a wonderful energy shift on the situation.  I could actually feel it physically.  That reading was like medicine for the soul.  It was so helpful to have that guidance that enabled me to cope with the situation and create the best possible outcome.  You are one heck of a reader and I wish you all the success you so richly deserve. 

Lynn from 1000 Islands, Canada

​3-7-2018---Jan, I think your reading was 100% spot on.  I took your advice of what you said. Overall it was a great reading. One of my favorites.

Erin Harris

4-3-2018--"A few months ago, I went to a public channeling at the center for Love and Light in Atlanta.  My partner insisted for me to go there to discover it.  This experience was great and gave me the envy to do a reading about some questions I had in mind.  My partner advised me to contact Jan because she has a reading with her two years ago.  I didn't know what to expect and Jan really helped me walk through it.  I had a great experience, truly insightful.  I got to learn about my guides and other energies around me that I was not aware of.  I am in the process of making decisions concerning my career and where to settle and the reading with Jan comforted me in some choices that I am about to make.  Jan was extremely generous which made this experience even better than what I expected."

Julie Milovanovic from France

​6-16-2018--"Thanks for ALL the good work you do!"

Patrice Cole from Los Angelos, CA.

​8-23-2018--"You've always been a sweetheart to me. I consider you one of my better angels."

​Bruce Bradley from Texas--July 29, 2018

​8-23-2018--"I don't just respect and appreciate you as a lovely woman and dancer with a great heart, I know you are a real psychic."

Bruce Bradley from Texas--8-23-2018

8-31-2018---"About a year ago I received an absolutely wonderful reading from Jan Drake Bakke.  Admittedly, all mediums have their own strengths and abilities, but Jan gave me the best and most comprehensive reading I've had.  She pointed out spirit guides, animal guides, colors, as well as other significant totems in my life.  She said that when she meditated she saw Dolphins.  She believed that I might be from a Dolphin soul group.  She didn't know that much of my life was spent as a working deep sea diver and later a SCUBA instructor.  She discovered that I had several lives as a Native American which meshed perfectly with stories I had been told about my childhood of me speaking with an Indian in my bedroom.  Incredibly, she discovered that in one of several lives on the American Frontier I had some sort of eye disease.  Perhaps some sort of chronic conjunctivitis.  She was not aware that for many years I have had chronic eye problems and constantly irritated eyes.  Since that reading I have never had an issue with my eyes again.  Basically, Jan cured a long established physical ailment without even knowing I had the problem in the first place. At the time I was also quitting smoking and she also pointed out that I was having a problem with tobacco.  The only downside was that I had always supposed my animal guide would be a Tyrannosaurus Rex.  Sadly, it appears that it's actually a Cougar or Tiger. Other than that I had an incredibly informative and happy reading from Jan.  I can cheerfully recommend her to anyone in need of a good, reliable medium with a big heart and a kind soul."

Bruce Bradly from Texas

10-6-2018--Just wanted to share my experience with Jan Drake Bakke.  She was able to help me with a chronic habit I have been dealing with for ages.  Just knowing that it was not from a past life and specific ways to get help has made a big difference.  I feel more empowered to make a change in that and in other areas as well.  Like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.  She also gave me insight into my kids and how to deal with their individual needs.  She has a unique way of connecting with animals that made her reading so fun!  Thank you Jan Drake Bakke!

​Veronica Cervone from San Jose, California

10-21-2018--I had an amazing reading with Jan Drake Bakke.  Jan was spot on with my health, emotional state, relationship, my animals.  Jan gave some advice on what to do health wise and for my career.  I recommend Jan for a reading, as she is so accurate and great value.

Fleur Andrea from Australia 

12-7-2018--From Erik's Spiritual Team Room on Facebook--I had an amazing reading with our very own Jan Drake Bakke.  During a time of need. I reached out to Jan to help me during a very emotional stressful time in my life.  I was hit at all angles and it was just too much.  Jan took the time with me. She was so very gentle and kind in her delivery and the information she received from her team was incredibly spot on.  She was able to offer guidance and encouragement, as well as take down the level of anxiety I was feeling.  A true friend and an earth angel.  My reading was very detailed and so accurate and the outcome came to fruition as she predicted.  I am very blessed to have had this opportunity and for your friendship Jan!  Thank you for everything!

Tina Godin from Massachusetts

​12-26-2018---I felt you went above and beyond the call of duty.  Your reading was so amazing because it answered so many questions I have!  In fact, I can't think of a single question it didn't answer, which is incredible!!

​Rachael Mackey from Australia

​1-22-2019---Oh thank you so much Jan.  That's wonderful. You are truly gifted. 

​Fleur Andrea from Australia

2-5-2019--I also worked with Jan Drake Bakke this weekend, as I was really crying out for assistance and am so thankful she was available.  Not only was she compassionate and caring, but she did what she could to stay focused and get accurate information for me.  Even in the times when I was anxious and stressed.  She was able to calm my energy and talk through facts in order for me to get clear about my issues and move forward with a loving heart. I whole heartily recommend Jan without a doubt, as I beleive others will find healing in her assistance as well.  Also, she has a special ability to work with spirit animals that surprised me and added another level of comfort.

​Laura Brunik from Minnesota

(Not sure when this reading was.) Highly reccomend! Read me insanely well, said things I didn't even mention.  How she knew all of this? If you're looking for a good reading with a genuine psychic I highly recommend stopping by and checking her out.  She also predicted something there was no way she would of known.  It actually happened. I was called by the individual she mentioned 2 days later as predicted. Insane!!

Veronica Herandez 

3-20-2019--(1.)--You said you heard severance pay and that I 'deserved it!'  At the time I thought that implies I'm being sacked from this job and they wouldn't pay me much to leave at all.  Also, not relevant to any other jobs I've had. But I thought, well they might give a bonus though and that would be amazing.  The bonus has been confirmed today. And it's a nice little sum as well. So there--we go.

​(2.)--You spoke about me having one East Indian guide. I don't have much info on him or the collective he is part of yet.  But my last session said that there were (to put it bluntly) lots of brown men with turbans and  that I had been part of that community in other life times.  I wanted to confirm that.  I kept quiet at the time as I didn't want to influence you. Just wanted to see what came through.

(3.)--I'm off to do workshops with some very experienced theatre practioners--I'm lucky to get a chance to train with these people really.  So I can see that when I am ready(free from the day job) acting will be available to me as a possibility.  Anyway, I am doing workshops so I can get up on stage again and do some comedy.  So your reading really made sense you know?

​(4.)--You said they said I'm a very skilled dancer--which I loved.  I think they mean really something happens to me when I dance and create, like I light up and it's not a skill thing really--it's something else.  Not sure how to describe.  Many life times on a stage perhaps?  Loving dance will feed into any creative work I create for myself in the future I suspect.

​(5.)--The eye thing was AMAZINGGG and I think I will use that sometimes with clients, yesss. That was the newest piece of information you gave me and I LOVE new ideas and info and it really resonated.  So thank you.

​(6.)--You said I was close to my Dad. That one's trickier. I was close to him and I do love him then and now.  I am comfortable with you saying we were close, because we were--but it's poss you might have got a bit more info maybe if you wanted--or it could be that his past really is NO LONGER relevant as we are very close now even though he is not alive.

Leila Lloyd Evelyn from England

7-19-2019---I am so sorry not to have "found" you at the "HHH" Reunion last year!  I owe you a huge thank you for taking time and talking to me at one of the most difficult times of my life...Not only talking but "doing".  I just want to say thank you.  It should be more, because stepping up was a welcomed miracle...and how it played out that day...The best miracle. Thank you Jan.

Susan Barletta from Reno, Nevada

​9-25-2019--I just had a reading with Jan Drake Bakke.  She is spot on and one of the best readings I've had.  She has great help, none but the best, Erik & Ryan, the Arch Angels and Guides.  Thank you, I am grateful.  JAN you're so good!

Louise Hillen Isom from Lakewood, Colorado

9-25-2019--I would like to thank Jan Drake Bakke for all she does to inspire myself and others being a very accurate reader as she's read for myself several times with accuracy--Including my totem animals that pop up in other's readings which one has recently.  My unicorn--Jan informed me that someone that I never thought would meet in person from another country would in fact happen as it did--and was told by both will reunite--Many things Jan has said has come to pass..  She's very talented and honest and I am happy to say she's helped me on my spiritual journey and call her "my friend"....Love you Jan...Soul sister

Annette LePonto from New York

11-28-2019--I'm  grateful for your readings.  You have helped me so much~!

Louise Hillen Isom from Lakewood,Colorado

1-3-2020--Thank you Jan Drake Bakke for illuminating my path to victory. It was SO WORTH ripping the bandage off! The resulting healing has been so amazing!

1-28-2020--Jan Drake Bakke is so incredibly gifted, intuitive, connected, gentle, honest, and ACCURATE!

1-28-2020--OMGOSH! I had another 1000% accurate reading with Jan Drake Bakke

1-29-2020--Thank you Jan Drake Bakke who did an amazing reading for me regarding this painful situation!

2-1-2020--Your poems are beautifully healing like "The Balm oh Gilead"

Jean Flickinger Russel from Colorado 

Missing Animal-Dog--Kat

1-23-2021--To Jan Drake Bakke, Michelle McMullin-Gray, Annette LePonto, Denise Morstad Ramon, Thomas Kelso and all others from Sacred Embers group:  On December 29th, 2021 my daughter Daniellle's dog Kat was hit by a car, after the dog was hit. She jumped up and ran off. On Janurary 2nd I had asked Jan Drake Bakke if she was able to help me with a reading on a missing dog for my daughter. At this time Kat had been missing already for 5 days.  The weather was snowy and very cold.  We wanted to get Kat home soon.  Jan was willing to help out, and got right on the reading for us.  She had also had me reach out to Sacred Embers Group.  Jan spoke with Michelle Gray for further help.  There was a chain of helpers willing to help find Kat.  Jan Drake Bakke, Jessica Marie Tatro, Michelle McMullin- Gray, my friend Corinna C. and many others.  Danielle and I went out daily putting flyers, calling Vets, and dog pounds near or around as looking for Kat. Kat had been missing for 2 weeks and 2 days, when finally Kat found her way home January 14, 2021.  The next day Danielle had taken Kat into the Vet to be checked over. And for losing 20 pounds Kat checked out very well, even the Vet was amazed on how Kat was for being gone that long.  We do know one thing for sure KAT IS VERY HAPPY TO BE BACK HOME!!!  it has been a little over a week in Kat's return and she is doing GOOD!  She even plays a little.  We want to Thank Everyone from sacred Embers Group for helping and praying for us.  GOD IS SO AWESOME for so many people! THANK YOU AGAIN! Sacred Embers Group Jan Drake Bakke, Michelle McMullin-Gray, Annette, Denise and all of the others!

Dannette Pennel from Iowa

5-22-2023---Dear Jan, I very much, very much appreciate the work you have done for me in this extremely difficult time of mine.  You're truly kind and generous.  Help was very much needed.  I wish I could express better the gratitude I have for you.  I wish people would be aware of your capacity to "see", help and heal.  Many, many thanks and with best regards. Forever in debt,  Hope Diana

6-24-2023----I recently got another reading from Jan Drake Bakke.  She has done a couple for me and a few informal ones on the side.  Jan's very first response was to tell me that she saw dolphins and porpoises all over the place.  She thought it was possible I was from a dolphin soul group.  She didn't know it but I had a substantial career as a deep sea diver and later  was a scuba instructor too. 

She told me she saw me on the American frontier, but wasn't sure if I was a settler or an Indian.  As a child on a number of occasions, I asked my parents to get rid of the Indian in my bedroom so I could sleep.  There is also one particular area in Texas that I have been drawn back to repeatedly for unconnected reasons.  MANY times in my life.  I grew up in what had been for centuries, at least, the land of the Iroquois Indians. 

She saw me a soldier fighting in many wars.  I have had many dreams of fighting in different wars in my life.  I also was an infantry man for a pretty long time.  I believe that cycle is complete.  I surely hope so.  

Jan actually cured me of a serious issue that had been with me for years.  I had issues with my eye becoming inflamed for no reason.  Jan saw me as having had a persistent eye infection in a previous life.  The day she told me that the issue went away.  It has never returned.  She knew nothing about that problem and yet now it's gone.

Because of Jan I am also pretty confident I know what my life's purpose is.

You can't this many near misses and wonder why you're still here. That may be the biggest issue we all have.  Sometimes we're just here to be here to hold energy to support others as best we can.

There are two last great mysteries however.  There is a blonde woman that I've dreamt about and had showed  up in readings from other ladies.  I have no blondes in my life to speak of, so if she is from a past or future life I am not sure.  And finally there is a fog Jan keeps seeing in meditations and even on television that she is sure is somehow connected to me.  I haven't had a dog in 63 years, so I don't know where this dog fits in either.

In my experience all psychics have their own strengths.  My readings from Jan have been pretty comprehensive and I know she puts a lot of time into her work.  I am biased because I know her as a delightful woman and eventually a friend before she ever did a reading for me.  I truly appreciate her as a psychic and above all, a friend.

​Bruce Bradley-- Madrid, New York

7-8-2023---Jan, thank you so much for the reading Wednesday evening!  The whole phone call was wonderful and I appreciate all the readings very much.  I feel so much more positive in several ways. Grateful. (Lynda called us on the radio show "Angel Answers".)

It makes me happy to know all of this and grateful to you for all of this.  Jan I will just  keep talking to him.  

Jan it's because of our talking.   I can't thank you enough my friend!

Lynda Laurin-Gramling--Brunswick, Georgia

12-24-2023---Jan, thank you for all you do. I appreciate you always.

Tracy Duquette--Buffalo, New York 

3-24-2024---Jan, I cannot thank you enough for the messages you channel for me.  Your readings always bring a sense of peace and help to guide me when I feel lost or unsure of which direction I need to go.  Your readings are so detailed and I love how spirit animals come in to convey a message to me.   Thank you Jan for your beautiful guidance and assistance when I amin need of clarity and guidance.   Kind regards, Fleur--Australia

3-26-2024--I highly recommend Jan for a reading.  She is accurate with her readings and integrity, truth, love and light.  Susan Shand--Australia 

4-2-2024--Jan Drake Bakke is an amazing reader.  I highly recommend  her if you are someone who is looking for answers directly to your concerns and want reassuring help with guidance.  She is your reader. She will explain everything even the smallest thing to help you what ever you are going through and seeking answers with grace and peace along with harmony and healing. For example, I had 2 events until it actually happened Jan was there to  let me know don't worry.  And she was absolutely right.  We live in this crazy beautiful world. We do need some guidance along the way.  So be sure you consider and contact Jan.  Peace, love and blessings your way.  Tracy Duquette