Preface:--7-8-2021--I just want to say that predictions are possibilities. They are not always exact info because things can change. They support many options or possibilities or what others say as time lines of possibilities. Some are probabilities, some possibilities, some are in stone. Very few however. It is one of the hardest psychic modalities I feel to do are to give predictions. Everything and anything can change. It is what we view at the time and some can view the timing accurately. I am trying is how I share them. I keep at it. I love trying to do them and have been published for them too. I do not have any info as much as possible to my desired outcome or info. I try to keep it very objective and just give the messages as they are shown to me. I do not ask for particular info. I do a prayer and meditation and then ask for any info , messages for predictions that I should share to the public. Then it comes. I have left some predictions out for good reason and protection. I hope you enjoy them and know they are for your entertainment and however you like to think of them! God bless you!((I have noted some of the predictions that were very specific in pink. The other predictions some have come to pass as well but I didn't mark them.)​)

First Meditation: 1-17-2021:--I hear President Trump does not win the election.  I hear President Trump says he won however. He is adamant about this.  Vice President Biden gets inaugurated. ((Came to pass))

The proud boys are not definitive of our land. They are only a section who rally for Trump. 

I see the Chinese President.  He wants more trade deals with us. He wants more power in the world in general. He is looking at us at all times. Corona Virus continues in China,  Even if they say not. It is still there.

President Trump will be disappointed losing the Presidency. Is what I hear. There is some kind of showdown. Impeachment is overruled by the Supreme Court.  ((Came to pass!))

There are many red flags around the Biden Administration right now. Biden takes the lead. He will be very good at what he wants to do. A redistribution of power will take place. ((Came to pass!))

A new contract with Iran will happen. President Biden gets this in place.

Corona Virus takes at least three more years to get more knocked out.

I hear horrific hurricanes and storms coming this year and more earthquakes. I hear Texas, Eastern Seaboard area, Deep south, Pan Handle are possibilities.  Severe snow storm in Texas in Feb, ((Came to pass!)) Eastern seaboard and deep south hurricanes right now 3-25-2021

Mexico is a huge ally. Making peace and connections go well.

President Trump doesn't feel like he lost the election for 2021. He thinks it was incorrect and incompetent, dishonest voting. In other words they got him out.  This is how he sees it.  I am not saying this is true or not. Just how he sees it.   ((Came to pass!))

N. Korea is to be watched and red flags here. I cannot say because I was told not to.   ((3-25-2021))

I am seeing horses now and guys rushing as they run. Lots of men on horses. It feels like a time of fighting as in a Civil War time.  I am hearing more disruption, anarchy and fighting to come in our country. ((3-25-2021))

2-9-2021--I do not feel we will turn into a complete Socialistic society in this new Administration. Some may say we will but I hear not. This is all I have so far.

2-10-2021--2nd Meditation:--I hear the Capital Riots on January 6, 2021 was not directly mandated by President Trump but instigated by his words. He did not want any violence to take place. He did however want a rally full of support, protests and noise making. Not violence or death. This is what I hear. I hear insurrection over and over. This did take place sadly. ((Came to pass!))

3-22-2021---3rd Meditation:---I hear food lines could be happening. Massive riots. More earthquakes. Could be in Japan and other.((Came to pass! Japan had a massive earthquake in  Feb 2022!))

I hear Cardi B. and a song on and on now. She will make a stand politically. (I believe she has done this before already) (Come to pass. Cardi B. just shared her opinion on political info about New York and etc. It was on twitter and on the news. 11-21-2023 I just saw this at this date.)

I am concerned about President Biden's health a little. He needs to make sure he gets enough rest. 

I feel  China saying stuff about us. President Biden will work thru this to make better relations which are coming. 

I see President Obama very much looking in on President Biden. He is concerned about many issues. I am getting very concerning vibes in general. 

I see Mick Jagger and I have been hearing his songs lately a lot in my ears. I also had a dream of him last night 3-25-2021. I have a strong feeling for him right now. Not sure what about but it is a love feeling and very touching and deep.  We danced to some of his songs in the 80's in C. Rider Dance Company. He and the band Rolling Stones mean a lot to me. ((Came to pass! Charlie Watts dies 8-24-2021 He was the band's Drummer!--God bless him!))

4th Meditation:--6-21-2021 7am-downstairs chair

I hear Jesus is covering the land. People are calling on Jesus to cover our land more and more. 

I see President Biden now.  I see fire and death in the streets in our land. I hear collapse in financial structure.  I see dark smoke here.  Now I see a huge parrot. I see President Obama here. It's going to be a hurricane of inflation happening now.

5th Meditation:--6-28-2021-(7:11 am to 8:34am Sunday)

I see  the Chinese President immediately. Lots of support to him right now. (This was the 100th Anniversary of Communism. That is why then!--((Came to pass!)​)  

I see President Trump.  He is rallying, speaking.  I hear he doesn't come back as President. (I know many feel he will come back. He still may. But I am not seeing it here or right now in my reading.) I hear he has a mighty voice in the land still.  Still respected by many.  His voice will be heard for years to come.  The Democrats are laying their strategy now so he does not come back. 

There is a factor with China as far as world powers. President Biden is more negotiable with China in trade etc.

Financial burden up ahead in our country. My father all of a sudden came in here and said President Biden was very good at transcription. Reading the words and following instructions along with his own ideas as well. He does have his own ideas.

More rioting across the board. 

We will face challenges with the pandemic. It is not over. Please stay vigilant. 

President Biden continues to make allies. He does work hard. He does not want Communism.

In the future the Democrats and Republicans will reunite. There is more of a Socialistic approach to health care coming or in place.

President Biden will lesson attack frequency possibility with Iran. He will try to subdue Iran.

The wave of the future is digital currency. 

Animals will receive better care and more rights,((Came to pass!--On May 1, 2021 The Prevention of  Cruelty to Animals Amendment Bill 2021 was passed by NSW parliment!))

More and more healers coming in.  Raising consciousness. The God consciousness.  Expansion of spirituality. Expansion of Christianity. Expansion of newer ideas, Quantum ideas. Psychic abilities becoming the norm. 

Torrential rains, storms and also fires continue to be upon us.  Catastrophic weather etc.

6th Meditation:--7-6-2021

President Biden I see immediately. I see fire. I see the White House. I hear attack of some kind. This maybe a threat or warning is all and not a happening. Something intense going on here. To take place. Although, it is what I saw and heard. Then I see water. I hear huge torrential rains, storms happening.

I see the cross being burned. 

I see a Firefighter here with water!! 

President Biden makes headway with Iran! 

Economy maybe headed for a plunge! Yikes! ((​Came to pass! ​The economy has taken a plunge!))

I hear marshal law is a possibility. May not happen but is being talked about.. I won't go on. There is so much anarchy still in our nation across America! Too much fighting. 

Delta variant sweeps the nation!  More people take the vaccines!

Terrible fear in Pakistan! Our troops are still there. I do not know why this was mentioned. Afghanistan is more of the subject lately.

Crime in America getting worse by the day! New York, Philadelphia, Portland, Oregon, (Milwaukee?) I kept hearing. (I know Chicago is also very extreme right now)

President Biden does not want Communism. I keep hearing this. President Trump is willing to help in anyway he can.

7th Meditation:--7-8-2021--Thursday early morning in bed, in shower, then down stairs. 

I see President Biden.  He is concerned about climate control, global warming.  He will be working on this. 

I keep seeing dark smoke around him, President Biden. This can mean many things. It doesn't have to be bad and can be troubling too or a warning. It means he is working on troubling issues all the time. 

I see men in combat uniforms with guns and on deck for it. Not sure where. But they are our men. Could be up against the anarchists in our country.

I hear more Russian cyber attacks. President Putin does not want anymore trouble with us. He wants no more problems with us.

  I hear severe torrential rains, storms happening now and coming up. Louisiana, the eastern seaboard, also Pan handle Texas areas.((Came to pass! Louisiana had a huge storm. Hurricane Isa, 8-29-2021. A huge category 4 storm.))

I hear President Trump will be on the sidelines doing rallies and talks. He wants to help. Sorry I do not see him in office at this time in the future. But others do and I just don't at this time.  I may later. But not right now.

I hear Chuck Schumer will be helping a lot. I just heard this and with the military.  There is more anarchy, more fighting in our country.

There will be less toxic vaccines in the future. There is pressure to take the vaccines now and in the future. There is strength in herd immunity I hear.

Democrats and Republicans still at each others throats.  This will change in the future. 

Songwriters emerge more and more of coming together to sing and write music for events. For peace, healing, freedom, love, unity etc.  There is a huge transformation in music coming.  We are going into a new era.  It is about coming together, peace, kindness, communication, love, 

I keep hearing about the new earth. It is in my ears, my intuition and all over the media too. I hear it from messages from my guides and the feeling is that Jesus has a lot to do with this. I feel it is what we are wanting too. We are bringing it closer to us as we keep feeling it and thinking about it. Then one morning two days ago while watching Joyce Meyer on early 7am tv she spoke this quote that I had never heard before. Isaiah  65.17  "For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth; and the former things shall not be remembered or come into mind" 

Many hard things have happened to many people including myself with my health personally this last year and still this year. We are not completely over it. Some of us. I see dark clouds still but I see rainbows piercing through with radiant light.  We must latch on to them with every bit of our heart and soul. We overcome. Keep praying. Keep asking. We heal is what I hear! God bless you!!

8th Meditation:-7-16-2021

I see President Biden immediately. America is its own worst enemy I hear right now is what I hear.  President Biden-- Vulnerability in the White House. Not he personally but there are still threats to the White House.

China's goal is to take over wherever they can. 

I hear some kind of uprising in Russia. The government.  Right now a standstill. ((Came to pass! There is a severe war in Ukraine by Russia. The Russian people are uprising against it. 2-2022.....))

Another White House display of violence I see. He will overcome this the President. 

I hear power lines, political unrest, infra structure....Riots are happening right now alot. Very dangerously and getting worse. 

I hear "Take back its power!"  The U.S. our country wanting to take back its power after all of the covid dilemmas.

I hear people needing food. All over the world. In our country too and boxes being sent all over the country and world.

I  hear the Stock Market goes down for a while. 

Also, I hear stock up in supplies. We need to stock up our supplies of all kinds. Do it now!! As much as possible every time we go out to buy get a little more. I have been hearing this for many years in fact.

Channelings and Predictions 2020--2021 

First Meditation: March 2020:--I hear President Trump could win the election for 2021 by a landslide. I see Vice President Biden's face here though. He is in and out of the picture. This is interesting. 

I hear President Trump needs to watch his health this year very much. 

2nd Meditation: August-September 2020:--I see Vice President Biden very strong here. His face is forward to me now. I hear he gets the election and wins. I see President Trump though too coming in and out.   Something is very confusing here. I am confused. I see both men and their faces coming in and out and at the lead in front.  I feel such intensity. And also confusion.((Came to pass! Vice President Biden does win the election!)​)

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