I do events using poetry for memorial services, weddings,  parties and reunions. I write lyrics for songs, music videos and whatever is needed for a project.  I have traded for this and will accept payment too. I  look forward to working in collaborations with people on projects. Here are a few of my poems.   

"Soul Poem"

Our souls are made up of rainbows, the stars and the seas
The wind, butterflies, meadows and trees
It continues with the skies, the moon and sun
We are here not only to learn but to have fun!
Our soul full of color, light and love
Reflects itself with others and from above
Our soul is made up of you and I who are so dear~!

"Possibilities Poem"

In this light my face shine
And I can see the possibilities
And for that I am grateful
In this light I can move with ease
And I can touch the world with grace
And let go of anything hateful


Breathe with me
I can sense your air
Your breeze is free
Our love was rare
I will seize this feeling
My eyes with a tear
This change in which you are dealing
In your new atmosphere

"Mystical Traveler"

Mystical Traveler on your dragon do you fly
Over rainbows, mountains and horizons so high
Through sea fog, glorious waves do you shimmer with your dragon's wings along
You have conquered many worlds, transulcent and strong
The Mystical Traveler seeks to advise and heal others in many lands
Its obstacles are great, its journey is to assist its sisters and brothers with God's commands--The mantel received is given by the Great Spirit, a service for eternity
The traveler will not fear it
A path of challenge but of wondrous joy too
It's not taken by everyone but for only a few
Mystical Traveler and your dragon a remarkable life you choose
 And many who are chosen by God's will do not refuse

"Flying On Clouds"

It splits in her mind
Her soul fragments to trancendant worlds
Flying on clouds and ones she left behind
It is always about the heart and the jagged wounds
Always about a male
It is a bumpy ride through her destiny
While she ascends in this fairy tale
"I want what you have
Can I climb on your cloud?
I can feel what you feel
I can hear it loud!
I dance to your beat
I am feeling our heat
Keep it going
It is sweet!"

The sparks she has ignites and love is a fire stream
Her mind opens to newer journeys
She is a psychadelic dream!
She is a love tonic!
That has edges that cut to the core
Her life is a kaliedescope and a tiger she does adore!
"I want what you have
Can I climb on your cloud?
I can feel what you feel
I can hear it loud!"
I dance to your beat
I am feeling our heat
Keep it going
It is sweet!

"Galactic Gurus"

Two light beams cross each others path
They make beautiful rainbows forming a cosmic bath
They shine their brilliant rays dancing together through the spheres
They shower the space with hundreds of sparkling stars for many many years
These beams illuminate the most fantastic light design
Throughout the universe, the skies and planets shine
They are a gift from the heavens
Here to remind us of the news
That God is watching over us with his Galactic Gurus!

By Jan Drake Bakke



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