Channelings and Predictions 2020

​My Corona Virus Readings--Meditations

1st Meditation Reading: 2-27-2020---I see a land turtle here first. I see President Trump also right away. He will be working on this very hard. I hear this is a deadly virus. I see a lot of umbrellas of people wearing or could wear to protect themselves from the droplets in the air. I see people with face masks on all over. I hear Pandemic here for this. I hear it was a leakage. Not sure what kind of leakage. This was in China. It has to do with China. They said it was from animals. Not sure of bio warfare as some feel this could be.  I hear the U.S. has the ability to protect itself.  It is still early. But we need to NOW. Many nations will be in quaranteen now and  from us and to others. We are in a Drastic Pandemic Explosion! In the world. I hear we need to raise our immune systems. So very important. This is an airborne virus.  All flights should be cancelled that have the virus. The U.S. is extremely resilliant to this. We do get hit  though! Hard!  Tragedy and terror is happening now thruout the world already. I am so sorry to say but I hear thousands to... may die on the planet. I can't bear to say. God bless everyone!  I see a land turtle again.

I started to pray with blowing air of white light energy and asking the angels and Jesus to send this to all countries and who are affected and ill to be healed and saved. Amen!  Then I fell asleep. 

​I sent some messages to Vice President Pence and President Trump on twitter of my readings

​2nd Meditation Readings:--2-27-2020--I am sending you prayers on your heading the nation in helping us with the coronavirus.  I am a psychic reader and doing readings on it now. I have heard that the U.S. is resilliant and strong. God bless you!!

I am a psychic reader and hear we still have a chance to protect ourselves since it is still early. Many nations will be in quarantine now.  We need to close the borders now. This is so needed. PLEASE DO! This is DRASTIC! We need to raise our immune systems daily.

3rd Meditation Reading:--2-28-2020---I am a psychic reader and hear we still have a chance to protect ourselves since it is still early. Many nations will be in quarantine now and and us as well.  We need to close the borders for now. PLEASE DO! This is drastic! We need TEST KITS in the hospitals NOW!. God Bless!

 4th Meditation Reading:--3-6-2020---The corona virus--(killer=can be a killer virus)But not for everyone. Not everyone will die from this or is expected to. There are several lesser strains out there as well of this virus. These also going around. This will be hard on our country emotionally. As it spreads more.   I hear about 6 months to a year give or take  for the vaccine to come out and be ready here in the U.S. I hear containment is going to happen also. I have heard this word several times in this reading.  This is now extremely widespread in the media now.  Do not get lost in it. Watch the news but not all day. We don't want to carry this virus energy on in our energy as much as possible. We do not want to take it on. We can pray for it and let it pass by and disintegrate into the divine realms. I hear the word genobe. I don't know this word. Then genofobe? I have never heard this word either. 

People are blaming the government.  We need to come together more. No blaming. Just working together now. This is so important. I hear bio-lab. Alot of people get sick but do not die. Keep your nose clean also as well as your hands. Using soap, water, etc. Stay vigilant with cleanliness on yourself and on counter tops, phones, door knobs, etc.  Keep them wiped down. It is going to be called a "Pandemic" soon. I hear shut downs all over in our country and other countries. It is going to start now. And will be in affect. Shutting down schools, public places, events etc. Do not be scared of this. This is so needed. It will help to stop the spread of this virus. I hear thousands die. I am so sorry to say this. It is what I hear. 

We have allies with us. All around the world with compassion. We are compassionate toward others also. I hear it is survival of the fittest at this point. Which is true for any illness and or virus. Do not lower your immune system by panicking. I tell myself this too. It's time to keep our thoughts with God and the angels. To think also and to be mindful but also prayful.

I keep seeing the Russian President's face. I feel he is concerned and he has compassion. I hear allies and with he and others. I hear deals. I feel we can have peace with China  too. But  I also hear mixed feelings too.  Alot  amongst their country. They have been thru hell.  Alot of sadness, anger, unrest, and odd feelings. It is very intense. I feel mistrust, greed also in some way. It is scary also. Like I feel fear and mistrust with them in such a strong way here. I am getting nauseated even. I also felt we should shut down some trading and sanctions with China. I hear they have monoplies on us. We are outsourced to them.  I do feel we want to keep peace with them too. Just need to get out. They need alot of prayer too. We will continue to shut down borders to other countries.

I keep seeing solar power units here. I see a huge butterfly now for our country. We are in a transformation in our society. This is going to last. I see a cow, a dog, a tortoise. I was asking about what foods for us to eat and got all of this. LOL! We need to keep sending white healing light to our earth and to our loved ones daily. Praying for healing. I also hear remember to pray for Tennessee as well. I see Mother Mary and Jesus now! God bless. The reading ended here. 

3-6-2020--I also saw in my meditation that Senator Biden will be the Democratic Presidential nominee against President Trump. I haven't even checked to see if this is correct yet. Now 4-7-2020.  So focused on the corona virus.