Preface:--The predictions are just possibilities and possible outcomes for many possibilities. Oh does that make sense at all? LOL!  I use meditation and prayer for my work and ask Jesus, his and my angels, my guides, my family passed and my animal totems and passed animals  for the messages. I try to be objective and not put in any of my ideas. It's just a reference and please enjoy yourself. God bless you! Thanks for taking the time to read them or any of them. 

First Meditation:--Approx !2-26-2021---I hear Dr, Fauci is not as bad as some feel. He did cover up info about the corona virus  information that he may know more about than he shares so far. ((I have marked some specific predictions in pink that stood out! The others are still prediction worthy!)​)

President Biden's health is on check and he needs to care for it more. 

A huge shift in thinking by the American people is happening now.

A recap from 2021 Predictions. I had heard there would be an earthquake in Japan.---((It came to pass! It happened on 3-16-2022. It was a 7.3 magnitude earthquake. Near Tokyo as it derailed Tohoku Shinkanson high speed rail.))  

2nd Meditation:---Approx 12-26-2021--I see President Biden and a long path of light at the end.  He is trying to stay on this path.  Then I see green trees and water around. So refreshing. I feel the environment is something he is working on.  For better air quality etc. All of the climate problems he is putting energy into.----- ((Coming to pass! He is working on this.))

Now I am in train tracks in a tunnel but it is a light area way ahead. 

The President is communicating to the world orders.  He is trying to communicate peace.  This is what he wants.  Peace to the other powers of the world.   I see a white dove now. The dove of peace. I hear this over and over. 

There is a great deliverance taking place in our world right now.  I see dark clouds but a huge bright rainbow shining through.

  I see a huge ocean wave and someone surfing on it.  Now it turns into a huge flood.  The floods are not over.  The storms are not over. Torrential storms are still in 2022!  I am hearing Florida maybe Orlando and the southern tip, California, Texas areas so far.----- ((Came to pass!--3-22-2022--Huge storm in N. Texas areas!  That was in Orlando, Florida and  all over Florida very strong as well.))

I do hear "Shangrila" is nearing. The "New Earth" or whatever you want to call it and what it may mean for you is in the works. It's a time of great revival upon our earth right now! 

The United States is still a super power but China and Russia are in the forefront on some levels now. 

I see Whoopi Goldberg now.  She may seem as a radical but she is actually very fair minded. She is recognized in some way soon.---- ((Came to pass in beginning of year! She said something off in the media but corrected it immediately!))

3rd Meditation: --12-31-2021--Still in bed in the early morning. I see a white unicorn immediately.  I hear we are headed with strength and perseverance.

President Biden is bombarded with issues constantly. He is smothered almost in them. Many people wanting his energy and attention. He needs to breathe. He may need a break. 

Omicron has swept the world and our nation. President Biden is working hard on this issue. This variant is of a lesser degree than the previous ones. Still can be very dangerous however for some.-----((Still happening and it has come to pass!--3-22-2022))

The Children are going to get a lesser dose type of vaccine. This will be safer for them.----((Came to pass! I heard this later on the news!))

The mandates are still happening. People are getting sick and some dying from some of the vaccines. Omicron is one of the last variants. I hear some new ones may still come. (Come to pass now. A new variant is out now. Variants of Omicron,--10-2022)

The economy is at an all time low. I hear food lines could occur. The economy plummets. Rising costs everywhere.----((Coming to pass so far!--3-22-2022--Food lines are happening now. I saw on the news today 7-19-2022 that there were food lines in Delaware. It was a food bank giving out food to people and they were in long lines. God bless them!))

I hear President Biden's popularity goes down a bit.---((Came to pass! 3-22-2022))

Something about General Mills.? ((Came to pass! 4-21-2022 there was an airplane crash into General Mills in Covington, Georgia.)​)

I  see crowds of people taking a stand. Factory workers. I see peaceful demonstrations. There are also still riots happening too. Looting and rioting in many cities. The Republicans blame the Democrats. And the Democrats blame the Republicans. There is still a war between the parties. (Come to pass. Terrible fights, looting and violence have escalated all over the country.--As of 10-2022)

I hear Civil Unions taking place. Coming together. Many people feel our civil liberties have been taken by this administration.  A major backlash from the people. The people are not happy with this.

(I am just the messenger folks) 

Kamala Harris our Vice President is doing all she can I hear. She is a better person than we are led to believe by some. She is doing more than people know or think. 

President Biden is working hard with the Russian connection. Civil liberties are threatened with them and something is up. A super power challenge here and in the future.---((Came to pass! 3-22-2022))  

We are protectors of the free world. President Biden is for this concept. President Trump agrees with this as well and is on President Biden's side of this. Whatever this may mean in the future and presently. 

President Putin wants to invade Ukraine. I feel that he may possibly. He wants to. My first gut feeling here was that he does.  This would be  a travesty if he invades with violence.  President Biden proceeds with caution and will cut sanctions right away.  (Go below for more info on this issue. I did another meditation for this. More info. in the 6th Meditation.)---((Came to pass! President Putin did invade Ukraine and is in a big war presently. 3-22-2022))

The Chinese are a threat to some extent in the future. President Biden has ties to the Chinese in several ways. Competition is the word I hear. The way President Biden sees it.  They do want to be in charge in as much as they can.

It is beginning to be more known that the corona virus may of been man made in a lab. Dr, Fauci may of known this or info about this. There are other Drs. and experts speaking up about the vaccines and the virus. We should also listen to them as well. I am seeing Dr. Oz. 

I hear trade deals are not working well  some of them. There needs to be stricter policies.

A shift in the balance of power in our country is what is happening. 

I hear major storms in the east. Florida, I see the ocean and palm trees.  Also possibly Texas and the Philippines.---((Came to pass! A huge storm in N. Texas. Storms and huge tornado!  There was a big storm in the Philippines about 2 weeks ago I saw on the news approximately 7-5-2022---There was the huge hurricane Ian in Florida which included Orlando--September 2022)) 

4th Meditation:--1-1-2022--I see President Biden. I see President Obama. His color is very blue. His face is all blue. Not sure what this is meaning exactly. (I love the color blue myself) 

Transgender identities are coming forward more and more.---((Came to pass! This subject is in the news now about the transgender athletes. 3-22-2022))

I see President Obama here more forward and President Biden faded in the back round (Coming to pass now while the midterms are happening for the vote. President Obama is on the campaign trail to help wherever he can for the Democratic vote. As of 10-2022.)

I hear strength and perseverance needed now more than ever for our country.  President Bien carries a heavy load. There are major adjustments in the White House.

The stock market plummets. Inflation continues to rise.---((Came to pass so far! 3-22-2022))

I  am hearing major scams will be coming out and shown about some people.

The corona virus will be dying down later. Omicron is running its course like wildfire right now.  Lesser virus in the chest as a cold, head pressure, nausea, fatigue, aches and high temperatures.

Dr Fauci has varying ideas on his messages. He wants to be a good guy. He heralds the lime light well. Dr. Oz I hear also a good guy who has a genuine desire to help. He truly wants to serve. 

There is a breach in a contract. I see President Biden. Not sure what this is? Some of his ideas and implementations are very good. Some are hard on the economy. 

The border policies are a catastrophe at this time. (What I heard)  People are standing up against them. (Come to pass! This has become a severe problem and people are standing up about this. Wanting change and the desire to close the borders. As of 10-2022)

People are going to stand up against the Biden administration in general. Kamala Harris the Vice President I keep hearing is more of a leader than people know. She gets a harsh rap. She is sincere in her efforts. This year she will use her voice more. There is a sense of justice in her beliefs.---((Coming to pass now!! 3-22-2022))

The Republicans come back stronger later in the year. (Happening now. The midterms about to launch with the vote. So far looks like Republicans are in a lead but not very much. As of 10-2022)

President Trump does not come back in office yet from what I hear. I feel he wants to run for President for the next office.  He is very powerful amongst many people and politicians still. (So far this maybe true as the Democrats have found ways to show him guilty for certain issues. As of 10-2022)

5th Meditation:--1-18-2022--The omicron virus helps to alleviate the other strains of the  pandemic to some extent right now.

I am told once again to stock up on supplies, Food, water, medical supplies and anything else useful. 

6th Meditation:--2-15-2022--I ask about the Russian-Ukraine issue here. I send prayers. President Putin does not want a big war. He wants to keep peace with the United States and Ukraine.. However, he still wants what he wants. He will implement what he needs to do however. He wants to secure a leadership over Ukraine.  President Putin feels the strength of what President Biden is doing right now with US troop deployment.  President Putin wants to accelerate his terms. Charge ahead is what I hear. Take over the country.  I hear reestablishment of holdings.  President Putin wants to be a guardian over Ukraine is how it feels. He feels that country is his.  I hear President Putin wants to go forward but he is willing to negotiate some kind of treaty with everyone concerned later if it comes up. Some kind of treaty may be formed at some point. Not sure when. Or what it may be.  I do not feel a world war is going to happen here. I mean like a full on world war. I do feel attacks, fighting, and death. I feel President Putin will go ahead and with force. He will do what he has to do to get what he wants.----((Came to pass! A war is happening now! 3-22-2022!)) 

I want to say also that staying hydrated is so important. Also to stock up on as much water as possible now. I feel almost urgent about this. Every time I go grocery shopping it is one of the main items I get. I feel it so much. This has been going on for a few years now and more now for months. (Come to pass. There has been a Mississippi water crisis this year. A main water plant failed leaving unclean water to the residents of Jackson, Misissippi.  In Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, North Carolina there has been contamination in the water.)

Then finally I have heard some predictions also concerning this just recently. This gave me confirmation.  Also, stock up on all supplies that you need.

7th Meditation:---2-18-2022--I hear President Putin invades Ukraine. He wants to take it. He swiftly takes over part of the country.. Some ports. I hear he goes for the capital.  He will capture at least several parts of Ukraine and will work to get all of it.((Came to pass! President Putin has invaded Ukraine and has surrounded the capital! 3-22-2022!)​)

8th Meditation:--2-27-2022--I hear President Putin  may be stopped or someone or others try to stop him. Talks with he and President Zelinsky. 


 Love and Peace to you!! 

Predictions! 2022!