Missing Persons and Crime Cases

Approx. 2015-18--I was working with  the Channeling Erik Mediums' Psychic Sleuths for a few years. We  work on crime cases of all kinds. Missing persons, kidnappings, murders,  deaths, for all ages and people. From all over the  world. We also work on missing animals and crimes as well. We work with the Police, the FBI and families of the clients. Our readings are sent into the police offices as typed reports and used for helping with the cases and filed in their files.

Approx.--2019-20--I am now working for the Sacred Embers Sleuth Team on facebook in a secret room.  We work on all kinds of crimes, missing persons, animals and etc. We continue to work with the Police, FBI and with the clients and their families. The info also is typed and sent to the Departments to be filed in their files and used for their searches and information data bases. We have gotten excellent response from them for our work as this help is getting more exposed and appreciated as valid assistance. 


I have been working on cases for over five years now and have found 2 people on my own and many others with a team effort.  Now the Channeling Erik Mediums's Psychic Sleuths and the Sacred Embers Sleuth Team  has helped in bringing people home as well. We are called to do this work.  For us it is part of our life's work to meet the challenge of this service. I feel blessed that I have been able to help in anyway with this endeavor. 

In the year of 2016 the CE Sleuths helped to bring home six people dead or alive. We were honored to do so.


9-5-2016---"Jan Drake Bakke is amazing.  A few years ago my son came up missing and she described exactly where my son was and what was going on.  Within days my son came home like she said he would.  I would give Jan five stars!"   Sheila Quinn