Predictions 2023

​​​​​Ty1st Meditation:--1-15-2023 Sunday-----

I see President Biden first thing after my prayers and meditation.  Then I see Audrey Hepburn in a white lovely gown at a big party with people.  They are dancing at a formal party. Old dresses of the 1800's. Beautiful and elegant.   I see my Grandmother Eula Gavin now.  She is my mother's mother. She is passed.  She loved fashion.  I see ladies of present day now still in evening gowns as well at a party.  Beauty and fashion will be big now.  The trend will be accentuated.  Fashion shows and parties.  Just what I am seeing and feeling.  I also see Christmas decorations here too.  Lots of snow. The Christmas season in full bloom as a celebration.  Grandmother says to me now the "Tribulation" is not going to be here anytime soon.  There is more time.  Then I fell asleep.

2nd Meditation:---2-2-2023  12 noon-----

First thing I see is President Biden and his son Hunter. President Biden is so concerned about his son. I keep hearing a saddened awareness concerning Hunter. I see him with a horse now. They are in the mountains. I see a dragon around Hunter. I see an eye with a tear.

I hear 7 million extra people will come through the borders in the coming days. The borders in our country where immigrants have been coming thru. This is not just this year but from past years as well. 


For the Presidental nominees I hear the man from California wants to run,  the man from Florida wants to run. Former President Trump wants to run.

World War Three did not happen in 2022 as I predicted it would not. This year there is more of a feeling of it even though it still isn't.

I see a rush of hundreds of horses running.  Going to my left. They are rushing. I see guards riding on some of them. Like policemen.  I hear the borders are unsafe. Unsavory practices taking place.  Crimes being committed. It's a true disturbance of the peace in our country.  President Biden wants to clean it up and do something about it. I see troops. There is danger and trouble lurking with the border.  It is a crisis.  Homeland security is at stake.  I am hearing bloodshed, fighting happening.  I see hundreds of horses rushing.  People are rushing to get in before the borders close.  In the next Presidency the borders will close.

Today 5-12-2023 there is a huge problem with incoming immigrants coming into our cities. Come to pass. President Biden has sent troops now for protection and help. (Come to pass)

I see a rush of hundreds of horses running. Going to my left as they run.  Rushing.  I see guards riding some on horses.  Like policemen.  I hear the borders are unsafe.  They are unsavory practices taking place.  Crimes going on.  It's a true disturbance of the peace in our country.  President Biden wants to clean it up and do something about it. I see troops.  There is danger and trouble lurking with the border.  It is a crisis. Homeland security is at stake.  I am hearing blood shed, fighting and I see hundreds of horses rushing again.  People are rushing to get here before the borders are closed.  In the next Presidency the borders will close. 


President Biden feels the threat with Russia has escalated with Ukraine and others.  Escalatory factor is what I hear.  President Putin won't back down at this time. He wants what he wants.  There maybe talks in the future.

President Biden has worked hard to do what has been best concerning our role in this war.  Good job I hear.  This is partially why the inflation problem is occurring in our country.  

I hear now China wants to have as much as they can of the US interests. Land, businesses, etc.  

I keep hearing oceanic plate problems.  A possible tsunami this year.   

I am now hearing Sudan, Africa. There is trouble here I feel of some sort. Or even some kind of event or event going to happen or happening now.(Coming to pass. Sudan is being mentioned now lately in the news. 4-22-23-2023. There are uprisings and violence taking place.)

3rd Meditation:---2-4-2023 Saturday 8:40 am----

The first thing I see is a dark horse brown right in front of me. 

Then I see a black and brown Doberman Pincher dog.  This is my dog passed named Tina.  She had come to my window outside one early morning and scratched on it and cried. I didn't know her at all. How did she know I was there? I of course took her in. She was the sweetest dog and I loved her so much.  She had had babies but they were not with her and she was totally alone.

​I see a black horse now.  I hear "It's all about freedom!"

I see President Biden not wanting to take  down the balloons that have been over our land. They are from the CCP.  China Communist Party.  I am hearing red flags with China this year.  China is showing their power to the world. (This has come to pass now.)

Russia and China have been communicating.  They are in cahoots so to speak. Russian President Putin does not like us sending materials to Ukraine for the war in support of them.  This will be a red flag this year for us as well. (Come to pass. Russia and China's Presidents have had meetings and are in cohoots for sure. As it has been shown on tv March,  2023.)

The border problem has and is becoming an imminent threat to the US's national security. (Come to pass and presently now, 5-12-2023)

I am hearing transgenderism is on the rise.  More and more people are choosing gender reassignment.  There will be a change however in some school systems to change their teaching of transgender ideas, sexual orientations etc.  This has been precipitated by parents standing up against the most recent teachings of these issues in some schools. (Coming to pass. On the news 4-29-2023 it was shown that parents are now uprising against the laws for transgender and some sexual orientation teachings.)

I am hearing tsunami earthquake will take place possibly this year or next in the future.  I hear an earthquake on the west coast in the future.

President Biden irritated by Chinese balloon activity over our land. He finally ordered them down. The US cut some sanctions with China over this. This will cause tension between the US and China. (This has come to pass now. President Biden did order the balloons down. Blown up in the month of February, 2023.)

4th Meditation:--2-14-2023---

I see President Biden in the snow!  I felt a big snow storm but when I checked to see where he was today he was in Washington DC and the temperature was 65.  Then I hear fiscal year over and over.  President Biden is very concerned about this. (Came to pass there was a snowstorm in Delaware on 2-25-2023. President Biden was there during that time. )

Then I hear storms and hurricanes. I get the names Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, Georgia and possibly Texas.  I also hear Oregon for some kind of happening.  I get earthquake for California in the future or could be sooner.  I am getting tsunami as well in the future.

Then I hear storms and hurricanes. I get names Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, Georgia, and possibly Texas. I hear something happening in Oregon. I get an earthquake in California in the future and could be sooner. I am also getting a tsunami in the future and soon. Cso in Matad(Came to pass. There has been a severe storm in Mississippi and Georgia. Hurricanes which have devastated the areas and killed many people. There was an earthquake in Oregon 3-27-2023 at a 4.0 on the scale.) ----Today on the news 4-30-2023 there was shown a huge hurricane happening in southern Florida now uplifting and turning over cars. June 15, 2023 there was a tornado that ripped thru Perryton, Texas injuring 50-100 people. There was a tornado in Matador, Texas on 6-21-2023 with deaths and injuries.)

China checking us out. Surveillance over us. 

 Russia does not like us sending Ukraine warheads to them for the war.  I hear Russia could threaten us because of this.  I am getting nuclear problem here with Russia with a country. A possible threat or other. ​ (Came to pass. There is a nuclear threat for the country Belarus by Russia for the summer.)

I hear volcanic eruption.

5th Meditation:--Thursday---

President Biden is concerned about the deficit. 

The balloons I hear are CCP. Chinese Communist Party. Non lethal surveillance.

President Biden is trying to keep everything under control. Keeping China as a non threatening entity as much as possible.  The feeling I get is President Xi does not want us sending any aide to Taiwan for help if they invade them.  This may happen in the near future. 

President Biden gives his good heart regarding China in general.  I do not feel the US can totally trust this government however of the CCP. I am sorry to say. God bless them.  This is what I hear. This is not a government we should get too entangled with at this time. Maybe later in the future we could.  We should send China's people our love and light always to them and to the government. To send peace vibes. 

I feel uprisings by the Chinese people will be taking place this year.  There is tumultuous energy I feel there to happen. 


The Ohio explosion. I keep hearing it was a "scourge".  Meaning a despicable event.  A lethal combustive substance.  It will kill. It's hazardous to the health of the people in the communities. And around the areas. Please stay away from this area.  This is a travesty.  This may leave thousands sick and there will be deaths. Many animals will die too. This is so sad.  A public emergency.  I hear a derailment of humanity.  The water will be affected too. It is now contaminated. We don't know how far this will reach. I had heard in last years predictions to stock up on water like so loud and so urgently. I am saying it again. 

I am getting Russia now.  All I hear is threat. Over and over. The ideology of President Putin is still to conquer and destroy as he goes.  One day he will stop I hear.  I hear  an area is affected by nuclear issues. There is something nuclear going to go on or get affected. Not toward the US so far.  I keep hearing the song "Danger Zone." 

President Putin does not want the US to send aide to Ukraine. This is concerning to him and will be to us. (Came to pass. There has been a nuclear threat to the country Belarus from Russia now. I heard today on the news 4-1-2023.)

I keep hearing banking systems, money transfers, and fiscal years.  There is a big alert here. There is going to be a change of money systems in the future. Not necessarily this year but it is being looked at.

I hear NATO. No info as of yet.

I am hearing Sudan, Africa again. There is trouble. There could be an event to take place.  I will recheck later. (Coming to pass. In the news recently 4-22-23-2023 they have talked of Sudan and fighting going on.)

A threat of a UFO but it is false. A false alarm and it is not what it appears to be going to happen and or had happened with the balloons. They are not UFO's.  (This has come to pass. The balloons are not UFO's. Confirmed)

The ET subject is going to be in the forefront this year and talked about. They are already here with us.  They have been here.

Musicians from all over the world coming together to play. To bring beautiful music to the world.  A more spiritual based type of genre of music  coming  in. It will start to permeate the world. The subjects of peace, love, unity, caring, healing etc.  As artists are seeing the need for this more and more.  To spread peace, calm, unity, love to the world.  I see the ocean now so blue, so peaceful.  

I hear earthquake. I hear Shanghai, China. I hear looming earthquake for California.  Maybe not this year. I keep getting Oregon for something.  Extreme flooding is coming also.  (Come to pass! Approx 12-20-2023--There was a  6.2 earthquake in northwestern China. Between Ganza and Qinghai provinces. Killing 148 people as of presently. Not near Shang Hai but in China. God bless them!)

I hear storms with the names of southern Florida, Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas possibly. I hear Krakatoa East of Java. Meaning tsunami. I think a volcano.  I hear volcanic eruptions.

Transgenderism is on the rise. There is a dark side to this new found accepted identity however.  Amongst the parents of children, the youth concerning this issue.

There is still a surge of corona virus happening. Intense colds, flus in our country and the world. The pandemic is not totally over. But more and more people are developing immunity to these viruses.  There will be a vaccine recall.  Some will be taken off the market. They have found the side affects are too dangerous. 

I have always said in every year of my predictions that we need to get our supplies in order. Water, stocked up, medical supplies, food, clothes, and whatever you need.  More problems are coming and the grid may be affected more this year and in coming years. It never hurts to be supplied just in case.  I need to practice what I preach too.  God bless you and us!!

6th Meditation:--Friday----

I see President Biden very concerned about the balloons coming over the country.  I hear they are mostly CCP.  Not to worry right now. Not toxic.  I don't feel President Biden would of shot them down if he thought they were toxic.

I am hearing emphatically the word for the US to stop selling our land to China. President Biden says we are competitors with them. I had heard this in my predictions last year this very word.  President Biden is trying very heard to be peaceful with China and take the stance with them as much as possible. He wants peace. This is very honorable.  His heart is pure. But he will also be of defense if he needed to be.  I feel Chinese government wants to be in charge over the US and the world in as many ways as they can be.  This is not new information at all. It is being talked about in the news for a long time now.  it is what I keep hearing. I don't judge the info that I receive. I just share the messages from my meditations.

I hear a Russian luminous threat. What we can do is send prayers to President Putin and to Russia.  Send peace vibes, hearts, white light, gold light, purple light, and words of peace and encouragement to stop the war. Stop the killing. Encourage a peaceful world.  Bless him with our kindness not hate. This can be a tremendous outcome here.  I have witnessed what prayer can do.  People really do recieve them. Their angels nudge them.  Anytime in the day or night a kind word of peace sent to this President. Also to our own President. I am being told this.

I hear torrential storms to come on the east coast.  I see a rainbow with hot pink colors for Arizona.  I keep hearing Arizona. I also see black and grey storm clouds here for them too. But there is a rainbow running thru the clouds.  

I see a huge portal that has opened.  It's so colorful and beautiful.  I hear mass awakening of our planet. The genocide must stop!! 

I see chaotic waves in the ocean. Huge waves and a boat turns over.

I hear this year has been already of mass destruction (earthquake in Turkey of mass destruction, Ohio toxic train wreck,)  but it will be turn into  mass rehabilitation now. 

7th Meditation--2-18-2023 Saturday 8:50 am-----

Angels with wings are over Ohio now. 

I see President Biden very concerned about the fiscal year and deficit.  I dont feel it gets better but also not that much worse.

I see the word Earthquake here. No destination.  I see big waves here also.  

I see a portal in a form of a heart. It is bright fuchsia colors.  The angels are coming from there to our earth to help us.

I see Sidney Poitier.  I hear we need to heal the racial dissention.  I hear "With gentle arms we must hold on to our dignity now.  Let go of self righteousness!"  I hear racial problems continue this year.  Continued fighting and also anarchy.

I see President Xi of China and there are dark clouds with smoke.  Bombings. I hear terrorism and attacks. I feel uprisings with the people are going to happen. I feel dire straights for China this year.  Hard times.  I keep hearing Shanghai over and over.  China has a huge military and but economically there may be problems. 

President Putin does not seek justice.  He causes mayhem.  He seeks annihilation.  His tyrannical ways are lethal.  Putin has destroyed the trust of some of his people. Eventually his oligarchy will end. 

Huge tensions rise in our own political arena.  I see bickering amongst the politicians.  People coming in and out of offices.  Alot of tension about issues. People are speaking out. Which may be good. These are challenging times but some of it so good. I feel in the future the democrats and republicans will come together more.

I am getting Krakatoa East of Java over and over. Not sure what this means but the movies it was a huge tsunami and volcano earthquake.

I also see fires happening too this year. ​(Come to pass already 2-18-2023--In Chicago Heights(My Dad used to work there in the 50's)there was a fire in a manufactory facility.)

I hear these are the times more than ever in our lives to make things right on every level that we can. To better ourselves and improve our lives. To enjoy all that we can as well.

I hear my Grandmother again Grandma Gavin at the beach. She loved to go. She lived on both sides of the country at different times.  She loved the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans.  "This is the time to practice what you preach"  is the message I feel from her. She goes on to say, "Scourges have come and more will come. It's now the time to not retreat but live and be strong. Be thankful. We need to care for each other." 

I am feeling we need to celebrate together all that we are and all that we have. Energize one's gifts and relationships with our successes and god given right to live on planet earth.  Embrace one another more. I hear more groups will form of like alliances in all areas. Grandma Gavin really highlights fashion, art. She loved clothes. She loved to paint too. I hear music, food, health practices in coming together to lift each other up.  This is the time to rebuild our futures. Pull together.

I hear a spiritual awakening is so prevalent now and rising this year. It will flood the earth. This is part of the positivity coming this year for us.

I always see and hear about well known singers or bands in my predictions and I see today Selena Gomez who shows herself.

​God bless!!

More to come!! 

PREDICTIONS 2023--2024!

10-20-2023--Approx.--I have been feeling Egypt as a strong force that will be helping in the Israeli and Hamas war taking place now in October 2023. I kept seeing Egyptian posts on my facebook and getting a strong feeling about them. I had to share them immediately. I feel that Egypt may help with people who need them. Giving support and aide. (Come to pass. Today 11-1-2-23 I saw on the news that Egypt is taking in Palestinians who need a place to go to get away from the bombing and killing in the Gaza. God bless them!)

10-20-2023---There is a possibility that Yellowstone National Park volcano could erupt. This is something the scientists are looking into.  I do not get cataclysmic eruption. 

I hear Hezabella will attack Israel.

I am getting threats to the capital in the US by Hamas terrorists. 

I hear a lot of protests going on by the Palestinians in our country USA and by the Hamas supporters as well here.   There are jagged confrontations.  

There is terrorism all around the US.  There will be threats to the US embassies all over the world I hear.  Also inside the US as well. There will be unofficial terrorism, fighting in the US cities to come and presently.

There will be Palestinians asking for asylum here in the US.

There will be demonstrations at our capitol and going on now. This will persist.

There will be war strikes from Iran on American assets in Israel and other areas. 

The U.S. will strike back. With combined others such as Israel. 

I continue to get that we should be getting as much food, water, supplies of all kinds now. To continue to build them up and as much as we can.

I have been getting marshal law will happen in areas in our country. This could be because of violence taking place. Attacks from inside  our country.  

 It is time to prepare.  I don't mean to scare anyone but this is so evident by what is going on now. I hear this also.  I am getting New York city as one area that may have problems with inside attacks and or outside  attacks as well. 

Prediction page 2021---I hear Cardi B singing here in my ears a song. Her band. It was going on and on. She will make a stand politically again. She has already before done this in the news.  (Came to pass finally and a  little late however. That is ok. Cardi B. just shared her opinions on the news and twitter about New York. Very powerfully and emphatically. I just saw this on 11-21-2023)  

2-16-2023:--I have info who will win between President Trump and Nikki Hailey for the Republican ticket for 2024. This came to me at this early date here.  The primaries are going now. 1-22-2024.  I don't want to share it right now. It could detract others so I will just share it when it is over. 

e1st your paragraph here.