​Predictions 2024!

Preface!:-- 2-10-2024---I just want to say that my predictions are from meditation channeling messages I ask my guides, angels, Jesus, my family and all white light angelic beings hopefully and with good faith.  I really do not have my opinions involved. I just share what is given to me. The best I can.  I always say a prayer before hand and surround myself and all involved with white light. Nothing in predictions are set in stone and can change and do. I just give what is most highlighted and what I feel, hear, see, sense, etc the most at the time. I do several to get more info and to see if I get the same info. I ask for what is needed to be shown and dont even ask about subjects. They are just shown to me as I go.  Enjoy them and know it is for entertainment too as well as pertinent info. Whatever it is for you. God bless! Jan 

​1st Meditation--1-16-2024---

I see President Biden here immediately.  I see a peace sign around him. He truly wants peace.  He is more than 50% capable and strong.  He may have some health problems this year however if he doesn't slow down and keep low stress. It is going to be a stressful year. He is an even man temper wise in general with some outbursts but not constant. A very good person. He follows what is being told to him also by Obama and others along with his own ideas as well.  I will add the other info later. From the research and data given to him he makes decisions. He is not a sinister man. 

2nd Meditation:--2-6-2024--

I hear Florida has huge tornados coming and also hurricanes. Or already starting now.  

I hear California will have earth quakes and a possible tsunami. This may be in the near future or in the next year or two.

I see smoke. I see  a train catastrophe.  

Vice President Kamala Harris was told not to go to the border in person.  President Biden and Kamala following orders on the border is what I hear.  There are more powers and guidance involved in this. This however one of the important issues of the day right now. The administration has not kept it under control. It is a huge crisis and will continue to be. They are working on it more now and will continue to do so. 

The Democrats and some Republicans will do everything they can to keep President Trump out for reelection and office. 

I see President Trump with a dark cloud next to him.  All the trouble, all the issues against him, all the people sending him dark energy and anger.  It is very sad really.  This I see on his right side.  On his left side I see the light. It is sunny and it is also very much a part of him too as the other side is.  All of his good works, his aspirations, his love for the country, his family.  His desire to bring light to the world.

I am also getting and seeing a black smear across his face from others that he has received.  A smear against him. Part of this dark energy he has brought upon himself by his harsh and critical words toward others.  It has created a negative attack against him.  But I will also say I do not hear Trump is like Hitler. He is not a murderous killer. He wants peace and he wants the killing to stop in the wars going on and anytime.  He is all for peace and peaceful relationships with others around the world. I feel sincerity here of wanting peace.  He does not want America to be used or abused or depleted.   He wants the children safe.  He has done alot for children concerning trafficked children.  I hear Trump could turn many things around if he became the President again.

It seems so far a rematch is on the horizon. I am not getting for sure predictions for the President right now. So I will not say at this time. I do hear Vice President Kamala  is in the forefront right now.  Nikki Hailey is also in the forefront more than expected.

I have more info here but will not say at this time. 

Continuing with the Presidential election info:  2-16-2023--I had heard Nikki Hailey would not win over President Trump and be out of the race. (Came to pass. Nikki Hailey announced being out of the race on 3-6--2024.)

I am getting North Korea is really amping themselves up right now.  Red flags here with them.  I am getting attack. 

President Biden does know how to step up to waring events.  He responds to current data given to him that aides in his decisions whether right or wrong. 

I am getting GE General Electric something going on here. Could be nefarious. 

There is flooding in California all over the state.  This is concerning. I am seeing tornado and hurricane energy.  I do not think CA has ever had this.  Huge winds. Flooding.  A huge purging in California.  I hear a tsunami coming in the future.  I hear earthquakes coming to southern Cal and into higher areas in the state.  (Come to pass as of the present. 2-23-2024. Floods and hurricane like winds  have been upon CA and southern CA areas now since the first of the year.  There was an earthquake on Feb 13, 2024 in near Los Angelos at 4.6 magnitude.)

We  are not in World War 3 but we are in the beginning phases of it.

I am hearing UFO's are an industry.  Don't believe everything told to us.  Not everything is true or real.  But there will be more disclosure of them in the future that will be real! 

In this meditation I am now asking about war, the attacks etc. All I hear is tsunami. Over and over. I will stop now.

3rd Meditation:--2-8-2024--

I see President Biden again.  I see him in the forefront for the world right now.

There will be angels appearing in the clouds.  People will be seeing them.

I see President Trump in the forefront as well now.

4th Meditation:---2-9-2024---

Taylor Swift has swept the nation with her music, charm, kindness and support toward others in need.  "Love is grand!" are the words I hear for her by the angels! 

I see a blue dragonfly here now!

The Democrats will continue to do everything they can to keep President Trump out of the election for President.

The stock market remains stable but I did hear it will go down for a low later.

Torrential storms on the east coast still to come.  Florida, Georgia, New Orleans heavy winds  and storms in the  midwest areas. 

I see the tropics now. Could be the Philippines.  I hear storm or earthquake.

I also get earthquakes in Japan. 

I am getting North Korea red flags.  Danger.  Attack.

North Korea I hear supporting the Hamas in the Israeli and Hamas war. 


This middle east war is long and drawn out. 

I am getting cyber attacks on the US this year. Could be from others or... 

I also get China around Taiwan. This is concerning for Taiwan as it has been.

The Iranian backed Hamas, Iraqi cells will continue to attack US bases.  The US will continue to counter attack. This is a huge red flag here. This can escalate into something much bigger. 

Las Vegas I am getting a massive influx of energy now and for the Super Bowl. Wow! Its huge. Its exciting.  Its awesome!!  I do feel a possible happening here. Maybe a fight in the stands or somewhere.  I will be praying for this event.  "Please let the Superbowl go off without a hitch God!"  I  hear "Blessed are the peacemakers!"          

I am getting Whoopi Goldberg now. She is highlighted. Take it easy I hear.

 I keep getting marshal law here inside the US. This will be for too much fighting and conflicts. In certain states and also possibly over the border immigration, drugs,  cartel problems. 

March 11, 2024 Princess Kate Middleton of Windsor I hear is not dead. She is in recovery from illness or big event or  issue.  I hear she is a children's advocate. This is what she may be doing in the future.  (Came to pass. Today 3-22-2024 she gave a formal announcement on the news to the world of her recovering an illness.)

Ok, this is all for now. I will keep adding as I go in time.  

God bless! 


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