I am a member of the American Federation of Certified Psychics, Mediums and Lightworkers since Dec. 2015.  I  passed a test given to me by the president of this foundation Psychic Medium Patti Negri. Also known as a Celebrity Medium and White Witch in Hollywood, California.  She is highly trained and ethical in her work and teachings. My original teacher Jethro Smith first nominated me for this appointment! I will be forever grateful to him!! As well to Patti!

This last year of 2016 there were votes for many categories of the skills each Lightworker had and then voted and rated for. This takes place annually. It is very exciting and all of the results are on a link here. The top Lightworkers are included in many published books throughout the years including a book for the vote every year. Many of us are in them with our pictures and listings of our skills. These are sold on Amazon.com, Barnes and Nobles, LuLu.com and they are published  by the esteemed publisher Dr. Maximillien De Lafayette.  I am so honored to be in many of the publications now. They are sold all over the world.


The federation asked any of the Lightworkers to give their predictions for 2017 if one chose to. Of course I wanted to try this. This is my very first time in doing this. I did my usual meditations I do for all of my readings and crimes cases. I just asked for predictions after I did my normal prayers and routine of protections and asking in my group of divine entities and with family and guides. I was so surprised at how it all started to come to me so readily. I barely had to ask much. I was just shown. Here they are and I do want to say that none of these are written in stone. They are just what I saw, heard, felt at the time.  Interestingly and to my surprise there have been at least five to six  of them that have come to pass already in this first month of January of 2017. (Also please note I had not looked at the news in many weeks at this time because of my schedule that has been very busy. As soon as I got these out I then started to watch. I did not know any info on these subjects prior so to speak.)

Predictions for 2017

First Meditation--12-20-2016

(1.)--I hear tumultuous waves on the eastern seaboard. I hear there will be hurricanes. This area includes Florida I hear.~~~~This has come to pass---1-3-2017--Storms in Florida severe.  Florida Panhandle. One was killed. Georgia, Alabama 5 killed and many damages in the regions. 1-22-2017- 14 killed in Georgia and along Florida by hurricanes. I saw this of the 14 killed  just today as I type this out. Very sad. 

(2.)--Increasing tension between Russia and the US.  Trump (now President Trump) and Russia's President Putin will come to some sort of agreement and or collaboration of peace. A peace treaty they make or sign between each other. This may not be an offically signed document.~~~~This has come to pass about increasing tension between Russia and US at this time. 

(3.)---I am seeing the sun now.  There will be more activity with solar flares etc.  I see double rainbows in the skies. ~~~~This has come to pass as far as the double rainbows. I have seen one on line or my fb page of others posting them daily since I have done this predictions list.

(4.)--I do not want to predict bad news on earthquakes. Not sure what this is exactly. LOL! ? 

(5.)---I see land mass destruction here. 2 earthquakes in 2017.  These maybe small to larger. I heard smaller ones and there could be larger. I will not say much more. (This is not written in stone.)~~~~Just found out that there has been an earthquake in Papua, New Guinea yesterday  1-22-2017. 

(6.)--The New York Stock Exchange starts to come back up.

2nd Meditation---12-20-2016 on Predictions for 2017

(1.)---I ask to be shown.  Then I see President Trump.  He carries alot of controversy.  Because of this people gather together in groups, gatherings, functions to come together more. To bond, and make circles of friends of unity, tribes and communities.~~~~This has come to pass. The womens walk that took place on 1-21-2017 was a huge gathering for unity and for bonding and circling of friends and unity all over the world.

(2.)--I hear that there is great hope for the future by the administration now in office. They will try to work together more as a unit than not. But I do hear there will be more anarchy amongst the American people.

(3.)--President Trump will address climate control. The use of our water and natural resources. ( I do not know how he will in this. I just heard he will.)

(4.)---I see a cross and with Jesus on it.  Jesus is becoming more recognized as a quantum force along with the evangelical force that it is as well. There is a new persona being identified though with Jesus. Slowly as time goes on. This is going to be a very positive change in some of the Christian Churches.~~~~I have seen this come to pass for along time now in general. I guess it will continue. I see it in the churches I belong to and in the groups I belong to as well on facebook. For example one of my Pastors is seeing Angels now and having very supernatural experiences. This is very expansive I feel. (Although supernatural experiences are not new for him but the Angel sitings are.)

(5.)--There will be many smaller earthquakes that are not well publicized. Possibly larger ones as well.  Also I have had dreams of them just recently. A larger one. The only thing I see in my meditations are land destruction.

(6.)--I hear terrorist attacks happening.~~~~ Came to pass. There was a shooting in Ft. Lauderdale  Airport with 5 dead and 8 injured by one man. Open shooting. This is either terrorism or anarchy. Or both. I need to follow up.

(7.)---  I see British troops here. British soldiers.  I keep hearing British Parliament and something alarming or intense. (Brexit? or not sure?)

(8.)---The presidential job is going to be very stressful for President Trump.  I hear he tries to keep peace treaties in tact.


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